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We want YOU to make anything and everything Mystic Punks! Adventures? Yep. Majick items table? No brainer. Different Punk classes that’ll bring demon legions to tremble with fear? YES, PLEASE!

You have complete control over the content and, if you want, selling rights. But you must follow these guidelines:

Mystic Punks, the Role Playing Game, is an inclusive space to create supplementary material. Your content is your own to create and distribute. It is an ANTI-NAZI, ANTI-FASCIST, ANTI-RACIST, ANTI-SEXIST, and ANTI-HOMOPHOBIC community. If you have a complicated relationship with these topics or have difficulty reconciling inclusivity and the rejection of the intolerant, then MYSTIC PUNKS is NOT the community for you. Please abide by these beliefs when creating content. 

If you have questions or concerns, please contact us at mysticpunksrpg@gmail.com

Use these logos to let everyone know it’s MP compatible!

Playable with Mystic Punks Quick Start Rules!

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